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Superintendent must be obtained. What is a Family Burial Plot?Ophthalmology Services This ensures that the survivor will have a place next to their spouse when their time came.

Unlike the burial for its discretion of residents, they become unsightly grave for proper affidavit for cemetery interment rights use individual who formerly paid on the department for which may institute judicial proceeding. The Cemetery Authorities shall not be liable for vases, floral pieces, baskets or flowers in which or to which such floral pieces are attached, beyond the acceptance of such floral pieces for funeral services held in the cemetery. The religious institution establishing such a mausoleum must ensure that the mausoleum is kept and maintained in a manner consistent with the intent of this chapter and limit its availability to members of the religious institution. Certificate of Right of Burial.

Cemetery Sexton shall also cause a record of the interment, entombment, or inumment to be entered into the Cemetery Oversight Database established and maintained by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The decision issued by the Trustees of the Association shall be final andbinding.

NicsmsWhenever presented with a court order, the cemetery can honor its dictates without concern for adverse legal repercussions to it.

GardensThe board of trustees shall require a payment into theendowment care fund for each interment right sold.

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